About Us

            Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  Michindoh was originally formed as Tri–State Pullers.  Tri–States' main class at the time was the two–wheel drive class, although there was a small following of pro–stock four–wheel drive trucks.  In 1995, the Tri–States Pullers renamed the club to Michindoh, which is the abbreviation for Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  Michindoh has seen much growth and change.  This is possible because of the strong group of members that are also pulling competitors.

             By paying the membership fees, each driver will be allowed to pull at Michindoh sanctioned events, and have the right to vote on the rules (one vote per vehicle).  Each member will receive a membership cards and each vehicle an identification number.  The membership card must be presented when registering to pull at each event.  Membership fees will be due on May 1, 2018.  Michindoh would appreciate membership fees being paid before May 1, 2018 in order to pay for the insurance at a lower, more reasonable rate.  All memberships have to be paid before any driver pulls in any Michindoh points classes!  No exceptions! No waivers!
             Membership fees are $60.00 for one pulling vehicle and one driver, $30.00 for each additional vehicle or driver. 
               Any driver wishing to only pull at one Michindoh event will have to the option to pay the one–time pull vehicle and driver membership.  This fee will be $30.00.  This puller will not receive pulling rights. If this puller wishes to pull at an additional event, he/she will have to pay the remaining $30.00 of the vehicle and driver membership fee.  The puller will then have the full membership benefits from above.

Michindoh points classes are (membership required):

                                          6,200# 2WD Super Stock              6,200# 4WD Altered Stock              8,500# Pro Farm              9,500# Hot Farm                 5,500# Michindoh Modified Rails              6,200# 4WD Stateline Pro Street              7,800# 2.5 Diesel Truck

   All classes will be charged a $30.00 registration fee per entrée
For Membership Fees:

2018 Michindoh Pulling Association Officers:
            Secretary:   Kyle Engle
Board of Directors:
Treasurer: Kyle Engle
Track Preparation:
            A Michindoh safety tech or officer will be in charge of track preparation and maintenance.  All event personnel will be under their supervision.  Failure of event personnel to comply will mean cancellation of the event.  This rule has been added to provide better pulling tracks.  Michindoh members will also be required to assist the officers with other track work as needed at the pulls, such as lining up pulling vehicles, flagging, etc.

Points Rules:
            Points will be awarded in the 6,200# Super Stock 2WD, 6,200# Altered 4WD, 9,500# Hot Farm, 8,500# Pro Farm, 5,500# Michindoh Modified Rails, 7,800# 2.5 Diesel and the 6,000# Stateline Pro Street.  Points are awarded to the vehicle, not to the driver. 
Each pulling vehicle will receive placing point at each pulling event along with 15 hook points. First place will be awarded 15 place points + 15 hook points, Second place will be awarded 14 place points + 15 hook points, and so on.  If a vehicle is disqualified,
it will receive the last place points awarded for that class.  If a pull is cancelled, 15 show up points will be issued to those vehicles already entered. 
At the end of the pulling season, all competitors will drop their lowest place points from the season (show up and hook points are not allowed to be dropped). If there is a tie in points between vehicles in the same class, the distances that each of the vehicles pulled at each of the events will be added together.  Whoever has the furthest total distance will be awarded the points championship. 

Protest and Tear Down Rules:
You may protest (if you are Michindoh member) to have any non diesel vehicle pumped the day of a pull by presenting $350.00 cash to the president or vice president present at the pull. You may also protest to have a vehicle torn down.  The person protesting must bring $750.00 cash to the president or vice president present at the pull.  The protest will be discussed with all board members available. If the vehicle in question is to be torn down, it will have the option to do it at the track or at the nearest suitable location.  The vehicle or engine will be impounded until the tear down. The tear down must happen within three days of the protest. If the vehicle in question is found legal all protest fees will go to the owner.  Any vehicle found illegal, or refuses to be torn down will be barred from competition for one year. Any money won the day of the protest will be returned to the club and all points for the year will be forfeited
A reinstatement fee of $500.00 can be paid to the club if the owner wishes to return within that year of being bared and the vehicle is teched and proven legal. Any vehicle /owner found to be illegal under protest in two consecutive years will be banned from the club for five years. The tech official for the class has the right to request of the Board of Directors to pump and or have a valve cover removed on any vehicle they may feel to be in violation of these rules without a protest fee. Any engine to be pumped or torn down is allowed 1% maximum tolerance due to inaccuracy of our measuring devices.