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Pullers who will not be able to register to pull by 6:30pm should make plans to have another puller register for them by this time or contact the pulling secretaries at 260-227-0549 or any other officer of Michindoh by 6:30pm. This can always be done at any event.*

Date:  Friday August 24, 2018

Event:  Preble, IN

Start Time: 7:00p.m.

Location: Preble Firemen's Park  - 4333 W US Hwy 224, Preble IN

Classes:  6200# 2WD Super Stock - $550+ purse/added money $300($850),
Cornett Freight, Mjs Transportation.

                6200# 4WD Altered - $550+ purse/added money $775(purse$1325),
Zurcher's Best-One, Unger Fabrications, Kris Walker-Mary Kay,
                Buck's Truck Repair.

                9500# Hot Farm - $550+ purse/added money $300($850)Zurcher's

                8500# Pro Farm - $550+ purse

                7800# 2.5 Diesel- $550+ purse/added money $200($750)

                6000#  4WD Stateline Pro Street $550+purse

                Michindoh Mods - $550+ purse

                8500#Open $50.00 entry 100% pay back

                5200# 2wd one ton axle our less we are going to throw in another
                class maumee valley rules/
added money $100 H&S FABRICATION


Prize money could change with more money keep a eye out for prize money

For information on these classes contact Kyle Engle (260-227-0549).

2018 Sponsors
Zurcher's Best-One Tire & Auto Care Monroe, Indiana
Cornett Freight Decatur, Indiana
Unger Fabrications LLC Eaton, Ohio
Mjs Transportation Decatur, Indiana
Kris Walker-Mary Kay Somerville, Ohio
Buck's Truck Repair Covington, OH
Decatur, Indiana