Michindoh Class Sponsor 2024

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____6,000lb. Stateline Pro Street 4x4

____6,200lb. 4wd Altered Stock

____6,200lb. 2wd Super Stock

____5,200lb. 2wd Pro Street

____5,700lb. Michindoh Modified Rails

____8000# Hot Street Diesel Trucks

____All Classes



I______________________would like to help sponsor a class at all our 1 Michindoh event for our 2024 season


Business name ________________________________


Go to Michindohpullers.org to see your event __________________________

______All events
______Portland, Indiana*
______Gaston, Indiana*
______Preble, Indiana
______ Rochester, Indiana
______ Rochester, Indiana
______ Bluffton, Indiana
______ Hartford City, Indiana
______ Berne, Indiana


Make checks payable to Michindoh Pullers Association

Mail to Michindoh Pulling 735 W 200 N Decatur, IN 46733

Your Business will be put on Michindoh’s Facebook and Website and will be announced at every Michindoh event. Please help us have another successful season.