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Welcome to the Official Website for the MICHINDOH Pullers


Thanks for everyone that came to Preble, Indiana Friday night

to help put on the good show


Pull at Convoy, Ohio August 7 its a Friday start time is 7 p.m.

and August 8 will be at Bluffton, Indiana start time is 7 p.m.


Check out Barnes Photography for pictures here



Congratulations 2014 Points Champions!!

6200 lb 2WD Super Stock - Bobby Mowery

6200 lb 4WD Altered - Randy Andrews

9500 lb Hot Farm Tractors - Casey Evers

5500 lb 2WD Small Block - Stacy Meyers / Steve Murphy

2.5 Diesel Workstock - Jason Hoffman

Michindoh Modifieds - Tom Hileman

6000 lb Stateline 4X4 Pro Street - Kurt Frecker / Mitch Loy

8500 lb Pro Farm Tractors - Casey Evers



2014 Tractor Classes Payouts

2014 Membership Form


Michindoh Pullers Points Classes 

6200lb 2WD Super Stock

8500lb Pro Farm Tractors

9500lb Hot Farm Tractors

 7800lb 2.5 Work Stock Diesel Trucks

6200lb 4X4 Altered Trucks

5500lb 2WD Small Block Trucks

Michindoh Modifieds

 6000lb 4X4 Stateline Pro Street

For Photos!!! - Check out Bob Barnes's Website!!!

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